Biodexa Pharmaceuticals drug delivery platforms enable comprehensive improvement of biodelivery and biodistribution of ‘on-market’ and pre-approval drugs.

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals Q-Sphera technology

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals Q-Sphera technology focusses on long acting injectables using proprietary 3D printing technology that encapsulates medicines into bioresorbable polymer microspheres with precision characteristics.

In partnership, we use our rapid R&D innovation to enable drugs to reach areas of the body where they are needed and to exert their actions in a tuneable, effective and precise manner.


  • Extended dosing intervals from days/hours to months
  • Improved usability, patient experience & compliance
  • Enhanced dosing and administration routes


  • Micro-encapsulation PLGA polymer depot system
  • Advanced piezo printing technology
  • Several million microspheres produced per second


  • Scalable, efficient high yield manufacture
  • Modest infrastructure, environmentally friendly
  • Low CoGS and broad API compatibility

Frontiers in protein encapsulation

Traditional manufacturing processes are poorly suited for formulating long-acting mAbs / proteins.

Localisation of protein within unwanted voids arising from traditional manufacturing processes often lead to loss of activity for the protein or monoclonal antibody due to the localised acidic environment. Traditional microsphere production processes also expose the protein to damaging liquid-liquid interfaces, high shear forces and heat, all of which contribute to drug degradation.

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals Q-Sphera™ platform is ideally positioned to address and overcome these limitations:

Our 3D printing process regulates the internal pH within microspheres and reduces the likelihood of protein degradation. The homogeneous structure contains no unwanted voids and demonstrates even drug distribution, whilst the open polymer microstructure allows easy fluid ingress and egress.

The Q-Sphera™ platform does not use surfactants, toxic solvents, biphasic mixtures, shear or heat forces and is flexible to allow for use with a wide range of solvents, bioresorbable polymers and stabilising excipients to finely tune product characteristics.

MidaCore™ Technology

MidaCore™ technology platform uses ultra-small gold nanoparticle (GNP) drug conjugates. The small size and multi-functional arrangement of molecules around a gold core underpin MidaCore’s ability to improve biodistribution and targeted drug delivery.

MidaSolve™ Technology

MidaSolve™ Nano Inclusion technology solubilises potent molecules that have minimal solubility at biological pH extending available routes of administration, including direct-to-tumour delivery.