Partnering with us

In partnership, we use our rapid R&D innovation to enable drugs to reach areas of the body where they are needed and to exert their actions in an tuneable, effective, and precise manner.

Q-Sphera has clinically demonstrated enhanced bio-delivery and bio-distribution of medicines and has the potential to be applied across a range of therapeutic areas.

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals is developing an internal pipeline of pre-clinical programs in areas of high market value and unmet clinical need. We also operate a collaboration model to enable application of the Q-Sphera platform to our partners’ portfolios, both for on-market and pre-approval drugs. Through partnership Q-Sphera has the potential to add value far beyond our own internal pipeline:

  • Optimise clinical solutions
  • Repurpose to new indications
  • Improve health economics
  • Reduce production cost
  • Extend IP life-cycle

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals is interested in hearing from potential collaborators from all pursuits.

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