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Biodexa Pharmaceuticals has developed platform technologies focused on improving the bio-delivery and bio-distribution of medications via sustained delivery, targeted delivery, or direct delivery.

Biodexa Pharmaceuticals flagship Q-Sphera™ platform uses 3D printing technology to encapsulate medicines into bioresorbable polymer microspheres. The mono dispersed microspheres can then be formulated into patient-friendly long-acting injectables.

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Biodexa Pharmaceuticals is building an innovative portfolio of first-to-sustained release treatments across multiple therapeutic areas with the most pressing unmet patient need.

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At Biodexa Pharmaceuticals we recognise the power of partnership in developing and progressing the next generation of patient orientated medicines. We believe that our expertise and delivery technologies have the potential to transform medicines beyond our own pipeline, and that through partnership we can create value for all stakeholders and bring to market innovative and impactful medicines.

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